I would love to hear from you if any of my pieces spoke to you or perhaps inspired ideas for some different paintings:  galgumba@gmail.com 

          Art is very subjective, it would be impossible to appeal to everyone, but to me the fact that we are all so very different from one another is the most wonderful thing.  Every one of us perceives this world in our own unique way, finds beauty and meaning in everyday objects and events, I think it is definitely worth celebrating!

         I believe there is no “right or wrong” answers in art, nobody needs to be an expert on techniques or history to appreciate art truly. I’m often asked what was in my mind when I created this or that particular piece. I always have my own thoughts behind them, but I prefer to leave the scenes to a viewer’s interpretation. 

         I marvel at the fact that 10 people could view the same painting and everyone would see something different there; the generated opinions and discussions are the best compliment to me. 

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